We are a union company and all employees have been through a 5 year apprentice program to guarantee that their skills meet requirements in the field. We have been lucky to have had the same core of fitters for the last 25 years. We have brought along apprentices from the beginning stages up through full-time fitters who have continued to work for us. We place a high value on employee loyalty. We feel this enables us to give our customers the best possible service.
  • Morris Companies--575,000-sf. warehouse for US Food Service in Perth Amboy, NJ
  •                                    490,000-sf. warehouse for Best Buys in Perth Amboy, NJ
  • Hyundai--350,000-sf. warehouse in Monroe Twp, NJ
  • Matrix Construction--200,000-sf. & 400,000-sf. warehouses in Washington Twp, NJ
  • Frank Greek Co--200,000-sf. warehouse for PSS Trucking in South Brunswick, NJ
  • Matrix Construction--Recently completed 800,000-sf. warehouse in Washington Twp,NJ
  • Frank  Greek Co.--Recently completed 600,000-sf. warehouse in Woodbridge, NJ: tenants included Parlux, Syntex and Nedlloyd
    • Matrix Construction--600,000-sf. warehouse in Hamilton Twp